4 Steps to Take to Prepare Your Roof for Winter in Central PA

Nov 21, 2023Blog, Central PA, Winter Roof Maintenance, Winter Roof Prep

 Is your roof prepared for winter in the Central PA area? As a homeowner in Central PA, it’s vital that your roofing can adequately protect you from the upcoming winter weather. 

But how do you prepare your roof for winter? Below, we’ll discuss 4 steps you can take to winter-proof the roof of your home in Central PA. 

winter roof prep in Central PA

Book a Roof Inspection: Step 1 

The First step to prepare your Central PA roof for winter is to book a roof inspection. Having a professional roofing assessment done on your roof when the weather is still fair is a fantastic way to discover the main issues that need to be addressed before winter comes. This damage can range from missing and broken shingles to leaks, water pooling, loose granules, dented roofing, or even damaged gutters. Hiring a reliable and local roofing company will ensure that your roofing is thoroughly inspected and that you are provided with personalized solutions for your residential roofing needs. 

Clean Your Gutters & Clear Away Branches: Step 2 

The winter months in Central PA can bring a lot of ice and heavy snowfall. It’s smart to prep your gutters for winter by having them inspected and cleaned. Maintaining your gutters before the winter months will ensure that they can effectively funnel water away from your roofing and home. Cleaning your gutter system and downspouts of all the debris and leaves will help your gutter system remain unclogged and prevent it from overflowing and causing ice dams or other types of costly water damage.  

Another step that you can take is safely removing any overgrown foliage or weak branches that are near your roofing or home. Trimming and clearing away overhanging branches will help prevent them from falling on your home in Central PA and causing various levels of damage. 

Update Your Home’s Ventilation & Insulation: Step 3 

Have you noticed irregular temperatures in your home? Before it gets too cold, it’s a great idea to ensure that your home is properly insulated and ventilated. Having a professional inspection done will help you evaluate if there is more insulation that can be added that will help you regulate your home’s temperature, reduce your monthly electric bills, and ensure that you will stay warm this upcoming winter season in Central PA. 

winter roof prep, winter roof maintenance, Central PA

Have an Emergency Plan in Place: Step 4

The final step in prepping your roof for winter is having an emergency plan if your home sustains damage during the winter months. We recommend gathering any storm damage resources you can find from your local government in Central Pa. You can often find online guides on ways to prepare for various types of storms through your local government’s emergency management page.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to choose a local roofing company that you know has experience with storm damage repair and restoration. This will ensure that you are given personalized roofing and storm damage solutions that will last for many years to come. 

Why Choose Bull Run Roofing for Winter Roof Prep? 

Planning ahead and winter-proofing your roof will help give you peace of mind during the upcoming winter months. Bull Run Roofing is an Amish family-owned and operated roofing company that serves Central PA and has over 15 years of combined roofing experience. At Bull Run Roofing, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality home improvement solutions and customer service. We provide a variety of services that include:

  • Commercial Roofing: Metal roofing
  • Residential Roofing: Roof installations, repairs, and replacements
  • Roof Types: Asphalt shingle & metal roofing
  • Gutter installations: Seamless & K-Style gutters & gutter guards

If you’re ready to winter-proof your roofing, get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to request a quote!